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This 4x4 G Wagen powered by an AMG 6 litre V12 is a rather special G Class, it has a stretched wheelbase, and it's a soft top, yes a Convertible G Wagon project combining Maybach, Mercedes and AMG's expertise.
The G650 does sound to be happening, as recently the social media channels of Mercedes have been hinting at a rather special G Wagen, and this really is game changer for elite luxury marques. As you would expect this vehicle is a limited edition with only 100 being produced and starting production in 2017.
I hear you ask what is the 650 part of the name, well it could be a 6.5 litre or the number of horses under the bonnet, in fact the G Class generates 625bhp and 723lb ft of torque - the engine powertrain is rumoured to be the AMG 6.0 litre bi turbo V12 coupled with a 7 speed transmission, the strongest gearbox in the world.
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