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I paid £800 for this Iconic piece of automotive history. But what do you get for your money in the world of Minis? Quite a lot really, the car currently runs and drives starting first time every time so far and most important of all a complete car. There is clearly some body work that needs some attention, however nothing to serious as the sub frame isn’t too bad. Their was also an array of extras thrown in with the car including; two leather seats, interior kit, array of glass and chrome work too. In my eyes this has been a really great deal. There is also a nice set of wheels on it too. 
Much to my surprise yesterday when I started establishing the cost of all of the body panels the mini needs it came in under £200, of course there is going to be the cost of paint and a hidden expenditure here and there. It should be a relatively cheap project, considering the entire cost of this project will come in under the cost of stainless steal bumpers for the XK150 Jaguar. 
The plan for this car is not going to be a bare metal complete restoration, this is going to be more of a facelift. The plan is to carry out the body work repairs which are needed, this includes the lower quarter panels on both sides, both lower windscreen corners and around the bumpers of the car. With the addition of the new chrome work, a lick of pain, interior tweaks and some new tiers, there isn’t much more to do. The goal for this car is going to be a quick turn around and something which we would be able to drive on the weekends. A driver’s car not a show car, its not quite a John Cooper Works but I’m sure it will give me many miles of enjoyment. 
I will be keeping everyone on the site posted so you can follow the Mayfair Minis story. 
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