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 But now the decision has got much harder, the much anticipated replacement for the Toyota Yaris T Sport which ceased production almost 12 Years ago.  
The original T Sport was no slouch for its time, propelling itself to 60mph in just over 8.5 seconds and 103bhp. Not that impressive now considering the latest ford fiesta 1.0 liter produces the same amount of break horse power. 
The most important information you need to know is what we know so far 210 bhp! Yes, you read that correctly. We are expecting to see the new performance Yaris this March at The Geneva Motor Show. The expectation is that the Yaris will have performance figures to match its power. Besides this Toyota are keeping their cards close to their chest and not giving much more away. The only other updates will be seen on the entire Yaris range. Basically a mid life face lift this includes changes to lights and bumpers. The performance model is going to feature more aggressive styling tweaks, go faster stripes, rear spoiler and a funky looking central exhaust the the rear bumper. 
Although it did not make the cut for our top 5 anticipated cars for the Geneva motor show expect to see it on Sunday in our next 5. 
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