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Kia in the last 2 years have started stepping on the toes of the high end car brands in 2014 unveiling the Sorento competing against the Landrover Discovery Sport. But they have not stopped there. The new Kia Stinger is going after the executive German car market


 now rivaling the likes of BMW, Audi and Mercedes. It seems to be working people are now going out and buying a Kia over their rivals. Even in our local town everyone from footballers to mums on the school run parading the latest Chelsea tractors, without a doubt the Kia Stinger is going to be one of them cars too. 



Its not difficult to see why they have become so reputable in the car market now. Their leading 7-year warranty gives you piece of mind. Quality, looks and performance are vastly improved over some of their older cars. There is also a more sensible option too a four-cylinder engine with 252bhp will be available in 2018 which I am sure will be the more popular of the two and I would have thought would be popular as company motorway cruisers. Lets just hope the crazy styling of the performance model is captures in the more conventional models. I don’t think the limited slip diff, 8 speed auto and the twin turbo will be carried over to make the more economical models, in part to make it more affordable to the mass market as I would expect this car to cost around £30,000.


However, the Kia Stinger has one big sting it its tail, estimated to cost £42,000. Despite this heathy price tag it still undercuts its competitors by 15k and has a market leading 7 year warranty and its pretty safe to say it will be the only one on your street making you stand out from your neighbours. Now the question is would you spend your £42,000 on the kia Stinger or would you buy BMW 535d, Audi A6 Avant, Porsche Macan. 





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