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This funky Crossover has a range of gear boxes and AWD and 2WD and engines, there is no diesel, the no1 choice is the hybrid powertrain, and it's quite a clever system too doesn't just increase economy it also takes load of the combustion system for example things like heated seats, ICE etc draw power from the 12V battery with this new system will take power from the 48V system.
The cluster shows when power is being put back into the batteries, and you even feel a very light regen when backing off the throttle.
We have a six speed manual gearbox and Suzuki's all grip system an all wheel drive system that detects when the wheels are slipping and adjusts the power distributed to the wheels.
There are various modes Snow, Mud and an automatic mode even a Sport mode and the powertrain well it's a fantastic unit that we've already experienced in the Swift Sport.
That's right it is the 1.4 turbocharged booster jet engine with even more.
Now you might be thinking it gives quite good performance in a car but how would it cope with an SUV's weight and size, well it's very good, nippy acceleration from the lights as Annabelle demonstrates in the video it also sounds good too.
It's well kitted out inside, comfortable, sporty and has a great panoramic sunroof.
It has lots more safety to including radar braking and adaptive cruise to control this is the first time we've experienced this in the Suzuki and it was a good.
We headed into the Lake District and to find some little Trails, and may only have a 350mm ride height but that does mean that you can get a little bit more adventurous with your picnicing as we demonstrate.
The range starts at just over £20,000 how model is just over £28,000 with paint, but it is well kitted out looks the part and with that new powertrain, it really needs to be driven.
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