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We got chance to see this first hand at the regional SMMT Test Day during the Autumn, and boy, is it fast! 

This is Ford's first, fully electric car, so it was quite a surprise that they called it a Mustang. Many people - us included - find the Mustang name synonymous with American Muscle Cars, and to see one without a V8 engine just seems strange. Once you look past the name however, this family SUV has a lot going for it.

There are three models to choose from at base level:

RWD - 75kWh Standard Range of 273 miles overall, prices from £50,030.00 on the road
RWD - 98kWh Extended Range of 379 miles overall, prices from £56,080.00 on the road

AWD - 98kWh Extended Range of 335 miles overall, prices from £65,080.00 on the road

GT - 98kWh Extended Range of 310 miles overall, prices from £72,830.00 on the road

The model we have here is the GT, and it's only available with AWD (All Wheel Drive) It delivers 480 BHP and 860 Nm of torque - it's also slightly faster than the other Mustang Mach E's too, getting you from 0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds, rivalling the Tesla Model Y.

When it comes to performance, it's got driving modes to enhance that super quickness: 
Untamed Plus - only available on the GT

In terms of practicality, it's very spacious, giving you and your family plenty of room on long journeys, and even the optional panoramic sunroof doesn't eat up too much headspace either. There's also plenty of tech onboard. The portrait style infotainment screen is remeniscent of a Tesla, and is touchscreen.

It's got super fast charging capabilities, meaning that if you can find the right type of charger of up to 150kW you can charge from 10%-80% in 38-45 minutes, depending on which model you go for.

Whilst this is not the muscle car of old, it's a fun, fully electric SUV that might just be what you are looking for.


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