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Yesterday, Elon yesterday took to Twitter to once again update us on yet another mind blowing capability - in a word the Tesla Cybertruck will be waterproof enough to provide it's driver or user, or in this case a Captain, for the pickup truck to serve briefly as a boat. Musk even elaborated on this meaning it will cross rivers, lakes and even seas if calm enough.
This isn't the first time Elon Musk has mentioned the fully electric pickups aquatic-ness. In April 2020 - the first time this was mentioned - he uttered that the Tesla Cyber Truck would be able to float for a while. (Also, is it one word or two? Cybertruck, or Cyber Truck? It's all one word - Cybertruck!)
Looking at what Musk said about the Model S some time ago, he does have a fondness for the hydrophilic, because the last thing you'd expect is that a Tesla Model S could turn into a boat. Something that Tesla did not recommend anyone attempt (interestingly) while steering, that would provide thrust and I'm sure I remember some cars when you put more lock on they give more power to the engine, is not beyond the realms.
The Cybertruck is complete madness in and of itself. When we saw the first ones, Elon realised that it was actually too wide, so it needed to go back in and be redeveloped. It's also had its fair share of bad press, especially when somebody smashed its window - the one that was supposed to be unbreakable - so when he mentions it serves briefly as a boat, that's not exactly what you expect to hear, so we obviously need little more information this. Musk, however, did add to his Tweet that the Cybertruck must have the capability to cross the Channel to South Padre Island in Texas USA.
When this fully electric Cyber Truck was unveiled back in 2019, it completely directly redefined vehicular language design especially when compared to his other vehicles.
Literally no curvature almost UFO like, it's a triangular truck with extremely sharp edges - okay, not literally - but more mathematical in it's entire design. As I mentioned previously, this vehicle was then redesigned and emerged earlier in 2022, with a number of improvements and changes to the original concept, so these include electronically retractable rear glass, and they also relocated some of the side view cameras.
It's been pretty much a long haul for the poor old Tesla Cybertruck, as it was supposed to enter production in late 2021. That timeframe came and went, so production was then pushed to late 2022. As this is not likely either, production is slated to begin likely in early 2023.
Now it's not strange that Musk wants this pickup to be fully capable, especially when it comes to aquatic adventures, however driving through gullies and rivers of up to, say a metre deep, is something that you expect from a pickup now, whether it's Rivian, Isuzu, SsangYong, Ford, or Nissan. (Okay the Nissan pickup has now gone, but you get my meaning, well at least in the UK...) But to change the Cybertruck into an essentially a completely different entity is something that sounds almost James Bond-esque! Musk is pretty damn good at keeping to his word, so it will be interesting to see it if it can actually adapt this fully electric pickup. If so? My word, what a game changer.
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