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The sound is operated with a simple app on something like a tablet or smartphone.
The MillTek active sound control module with a link pipe and mounting kit is available from Demon tweaks for a number of cars, however the Tesla is a new addition. For around £1627 you have the power to take direct control of your exhaust note and you can tailor the exact noise you want.
We saw this demonstrated at Autosport International, the video shows the car with the sound and app that controls it.
The modulator works with vehicles with an existing inbuilt active exhaust sound system, the way it works is you  insert a module into the original system and this gives the user the ability to tune the sound of their exhaust with a smartphone or tablet.
This looks like the kind of thing that you will also be able to add to say the Tesla cyber truck and Y.
The vehicle demonstrating the exhaust speaker system was one of Millteks new showcars the Tesla model 3 Performance in action, the car sound generator produces 98 dB of performance exhaust tones.
A lot people want no sound from the Tesla but others want their car to sound like a supercar, you to set the sound when you step on the accelerator.
You can tweak and tune the sound you can choose from options such as V10 and V12 and the clever thing the tuning company will add to the list of active sound options in the future.
Of what we heard it is a subtle noise but it does give the car a little more character and you can disable it to so if you fancy travelling along with it off you can.
Speaking of electric cars we've currently got the Kia e-Niro on review, now this crossover has upto a 282 mile range which recoups energy back to the battery.
We have the First Edition, the one that you can buy now is the e-Niro 4 and that comes with things like LED headlamps, more info soon and watch out for a full review.
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