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However there is no need to worry, tunnels rollovers and using a jet wash is completely safe it will not damage the electrical system or the batteries or the motors there is no big differences to washing say a diesel or petrol. There are some recommendations in the wash tunnel the ignition should be on and always make sure that the vehicle is always in Neutral to always make sure you've enough battery power to enter and exit the wash.


In a car wash tunnel always remember to leave the handbrake off that way the train can pull the car along, electric, hybrid and automatic cars should always be Neutral to stop the wheels locking allowing the car to move through the car wash tunnel.

Istobel recommends washing your car whether it's electric, hybrid, combustion or something else with the engine switched off and the handbrake on.
With both cleaning options make sure that you remove any external elements and always be careful washing things like graphics as well or if it has a livery.
Make sure the doors windows and everything is closed, other than that the jet wash is perfectly fine and external and internal components e.g. battery, motors or anything else. These may seem like obvious things however with the appearance of far more electric cars and a hybrids it makes sense to reiterate. The best way to jet wash is from top to bottom so dirt and grime rolls down the car.
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