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 if you remember last year we grabbed a look at the vehicle at the 2017 London Motor Show, it wasn't an operational model but it was version that would be, a guy showed us round the machine under the bonnet etc and then explained to us that this version didn't actually run but he could show us the concept, motor, engine, batteries etc and explain how it worked.
We've now learnt that the engine and other parts, switch gear are all Volvo. Now the Swedish manufacturer really do know how to make a car, meaning having a London taxi with Volvo built 1.3 engne really is a good thing.
Chris Gubbey, CEO of the LEVC, said: “After extensive testing, LEVC’s new taxi is ready to do the job it was made for: transport people around this great city of London safely, cleanly and stylishly. Better for passengers, more cost effective for drivers, it will play a major role in helping to improve air quality benefiting all Londoners. I am immensely proud of
the work we have carried out so far: we have produced a new icon, the world’s most advanced electric taxi.”
It really is quite something to think now that the first electric Taxi the humble London taxi is now fully certified to carry fare paying passengers, this advanced electric eCity car by LEVC that's London Electric Vehicle Company is fully kitted out like nothing you've experienced in a black cab before.
The TX electric Taxi is one of those cars that will revolutionise passenger travel and it has more space than the existing model carrying up to 6 passengers, forward facing wheelchair access,  an expansive panoramic roof and in true Volvo style passive and active safety systems. It also really caters for tech minded modern passenger, an office away from home with power sockets for laptops, on-board Wi-Fi, USB ports. Comfort is also paramount with the cab it is extremely comfortable with intelligent air conditioning with sensor which can detect pollution levels and limit or stop air coming in from the outside, if required, climbing aboard is easy to with the wide opening hinge and when your at your destination you can easily pay your fare with the contactless pay system in the cabin area.
The whole thing is powered by LEVC's technology this comprises of a small backup petrol generator and an advanced electric power train allowing this set up to give the Up to 400 miles including 80 miles rain for zero emissions. One thing that London really does need is this eco-friendly solution for travel,it will really improve urban air quality for all Londoners making it a much more desirable place for tourists.
One thing a London cab has to be is rugged and ready for anything well the eCity electric taxi has been rigorously tested in the Arctic Circle and then in Arizona for extreme temperatures and driving conditions and then the keys have been handed to real taxi drivers in London who have put the car through its paces. This vehicle has just come out in the nick of time for the January 2018 deadline when it comes into power, meaning all newly licenced taxis need to be zero emission capable.
This landmark in passenger travel was celebrated at Circus West Village this is the first phase of the Battersea Power Station regeneration and is now fully open, a place that has been designed to be completely future proof with a mass adoption of electric vehicles with the infrastructure and flexibility to allow 1000 electric charging points. The first 57 are already up and running and like the new TX, both these achievements have been redesigned the 21st century.
As we explained its not just reducing air pollution outside that's important to LEVC, this vehicle has a multi filter system which will remove gasses and particles from all air that enters the cabin in addition to this it has an inbuilt air quality sensor which can automatically shut external air intakes off especially if it detects increased levels of pollution outside, quite clever really protecting its driver and its passengers a similar concept to Tesla with their bio defence mode.
Now unlike the early black cabs the TX Electric is kitted out with the latest safety advancements meaning autonomous emergency braking and emergency brake assistance, onboard collision warning and the car is constructed from an extremely strong aluminium body shell, and not just that it utilises crash protection to the highest international standards making the black cab the choice for the masses in London, knowing they're safe comfortable and fully teched out.
With an updatable satnav system problems for drivers can be limited, this system allows drivers to identify problem areas such as congestion and look for alternative routes and future updates will allow the TX Electric taxi to access online charge point maps,  take bookings and also work with hailing apps.
Carl-Peter Forster, Chairman of the LEVC, said: “There have been many milestones on this journey, from opening a brand-new factory in the heart of the UK – the first brand new automotive manufacturing facility in Britain for over a decade; the first dedicated electric vehicle factory in the UK – to today’s announcement that our new TX has passed all certification tests and is now able to carry fare-paying passengers. It will save drivers money, bring new levels of comfort and convenience to those who hail one and provide the safest
and cleanest way of getting around a city by taxi. And this is just the start. We will deliver new TX models in Europe later in 2018 – and across the world. Our goal is to be the global, automotive leader in urban commercial vehicles. We are well on our way to achieving that.”
There are lots of reasons for the cab driver to grab one of these cars namely the fact that they'll save more money per week on fuel, the car comes with a five year unlimited mileage warranty believe it or not the car only costs around it is just under just over £55,000 at £177 per week over five years, older version was £167 per week not including any diesel. TFL anticipate that by the end of 2020 9000 of the 23,000 black cabs will be zero emission capable, thus really improving air around London. Quite aptly the announcement was on the milestone occasion which marked the 65th anniversary of the Great London smog, hosted at the Battersea Power Station.
LEVC's Chinese parent firm Geely has invested 325 million aiming to be the choice of urban electric vehicles for cities throughout the globe, starting with the TX Electric and being followed by the Electric LCV.
Spec wise this London taxi has been designed from the ground up conclude the new platform architecture with a powertrain with state-of-the-art plug-in technology utilises the Volvo developed three cylinder 1.3 L engine allowing a pure EV range of 70 miles with total of 400 miles.
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