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Both designs showcasing the BMW i3 and the BMW i8, paying homage to the visionary style of the 1980's artistic and cultural movement.
Lapo Elkann said "Renewing the bond with BMW is a great pleasure, and I fully share their vision of looking at the future and technological innovation, which is a leading element in any project". 
The Memphis group was founded in 1981 by Etorre Sottsass. They were not afraid to use obscure materials, original graphical patterns items that characterise the furniture, and they were inspired by the movements defined as Pop Art and Art Deco - Success followed swiftly.
When designing the i3 and the i8, BMW followed a similar approach questioning classic automotive design principles, as well as typical car design and breaking these rules and designing a car like no other. This was a start of a range of electric cars radically different in looks and technology - therefore defining BMWs EV range.
The combination of the i range and the Memphis styling is a statement in and of itself - bravo.
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