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A driverless, electric racing car - the first of its kind.

The car was designed by Daniel Simon, who is well known for his work on blockbuster films such as Oblivion, Captain America and Tron: Legacy. The brain behind the Robocar is the Nvidia Drive PX2, along with input from Michelin, Charge, and Kinetic.

Roborace aims to bring electric, driverless technology to the world throughout the existing Formula-E circuits. 

The Robocar is equipped with a range of sensors and cameras to allow it to navigate safely around the circuit. Software and development for the car is made possible through the DevBot. This is a car that is driven by a computer - or a human. This then allows racing teams to see and feel how the vehicle reacts on the track. This information, combined with real time data, then allows the racing techs to develop their software accordingly. 

This autonomous racing car is an interesting step for Formula-E. We think it's a great idea, however, others have likened them to glorified RC cars.

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