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and already, it's turning out to be a great year for the EV, with this latest Bavarian model from BMW and other's - Tesla, Faraday Future, Ford, VW EV's etc. - the green car solution is here to stay.



The question we are asking ourselves is will the BMW i5 make an appearance at this years Geneva Motor Show? The answer - we just don't know...

This latest auto by the German manufacturer has been shrouded in mystery, from it's name when it could have been the i7, i5 or even the iNext, to what market the electric car is to be aimed at.

Well we can now reveal as much as we know, the i5 is an electric saloon and it's been built to take on the Tesla Model S. However don't expect to see it anytime soon, 2021 to be exact.

The design is based on the Vision 100 concept, we think it looks rather i8 in its design though, just with more seats and doors - in fact, it looks like a four door i8.

The electric vehicle is rumoured to be launched with Level 3 Autonomy which means the car has control of all functions, where a driver can intervene where necessary, however it is likely to be capable of Level 4 and Level 5, where occupants are just passengers.

This means the BMW EV will be able to autonomously drive without any occupants required to actually drive the vehicle. This type of creation/technology has been greatly benefitted by BMW's joint collaboration with tech giants, intel, Mobile Eye - an AI leader - and car manufacturers Daimler and Volkswagen.

BMW, by the end of this year, will have tested the basis of the autonomy to be used in the i5, with the testing of 40 autonomous 7 series limo BMW's. 

BMW has already sold over 100,000 EV models, with another 100,000 targeted by the end of 2017, most likely spear-headed by the 5 series hybrid plug-in, meaning that by the time the i5 arrives, the electric car should be able to meet and exceed all expectations.

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