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Nissan History

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Interesting facts

Nissan cars numbered $49.7 billion in1998, production topped over 2,750,000 units & employees topped 137,000.
The alliance last May between Nissan & Renault, added $40.5 billion in vehicle sales, therefore over 2,200,000 units of production and 138,000 employees creating the number 4 car maker group globally just behind GM, Ford & Toyota with a market share of 9.1%.
Nissan supports many charitable events including MADD, Nissan Open, Tomas Rivera Institute, the Los Angeles Urban League and many others. The company is seen as a responsible company, recognised for its safety leadership, environmental & communal activities globally.
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Mini history

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The Mini

Austin, British Leyland, Riley and BMW

1959 Where it all began
The Mini began emerged on 26 August 1959. It was designed, by little known Sir Alec Issigonis , who would have known the cult status his car would achieve her throughout the world. The cars main objective was to simply be:-
1. Affordable
2. Seat four adults
3. Small enough to travel in safety. 
The first mini was powered by 850cc 34bhp engine built and manufactured by Morris.
Mini cars come in all shapes and sizes today Cooper, One, Cooper D, even an offroad version.
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Mercedes Sports cars

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Sports Car Gallery

The rarest and most advanced German motor cars of the era. From the 1938 W125, a car well before it's time, all pictured in the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart.


1938 Mercedes Benz W 125

A Twelve Cylinder car built way back in 1938, however the design is way more aerodynamic than any other vehicle of its time, this German supercar was capable of a Top speed 268.9 MPH



Top - C-111


Bottom Right - F400 Carving


Bottom Left - 2003 Mercedes benz F500 Concept



Various Mercedes cars including the 300SL




A list of the letters relating to the various Mercedes models over the years.




The CLK GTR engineered by AMG



Formula 1 car





Different German car models including the 1


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Mercedes Museum

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The Stuttgart Mercedes Benz Museum, Germany

A few examples of classic Mercedes Benz motor cars from the 1900 to 1940's, some of the most loved German autos.

Examples of Classic Merc cars



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Mercedes Vintage car gallery

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Mercedes Benz Vintage Car Gallery

A selection of some of the finest vintage Mercedes cars back from the dawn of the German manufacturer though until the 1920's all photos taken om location in the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart.










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A pure bred racing car. Created in 1997, it was developed to challenge some very tough contenders, such as Porsche, BMW, and Lotus.
This car was the creation of AMG - a sport division of Mercedes Benz. A road version was developed in Affalterbach, due to requirements for participation in the FIA GT Championship. From its inception, the GTR was a dream project, from the very first sketch, to the completion of the car. The whole project took just over four months from start to finish.
Mercedes Benz entered the racing season with just two CLK-GTR cars, with a third joining soon after. The car performed exceptionally well, and soon gained an awesome reputation, and excelled the boundaries previously set for Merc racing cars of the future.
It went on to win six of the eleven races during that season, achieving first and second place on four occasions, as well as second place only on three occasions.
The CLK-GTR GT was an unbounded success, winning both the team and constructors championships, also it clocked the fastest lap time on no less than seven occasions.
The Supercar is powered by a V12 six litre engine, capable of producing 631 BHP, and a staggering top speed of 200 MPH.
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300 SL Gullwing

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Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

This car was the equivalent of three 180, or six VW 1200 export engines...the true supercar of the 1950's.
The dawn of the SL series.
The car was developed after World War II, based on the racing sports cars of the early 1950's. The debut of the production version of the SL, was showcased at the international motor sports show of 1954, sporting its trademark gullwing design doors. These doors were far from being pubically attractive though, they were designed specifically with racing in mind, and were made to facilitate the design of the car. This new sports car was so compact in height, that it would not permit conventional doors. However, these doors became the 300SL's main attraction, it inspired its admirers to coin fond epithets, for example the flugelturer in Germany, gullwing in England, and the papillion (meaning butterfly!) in France.
The Mercedes Benz 300 SL was the worlds fastest production motorcar at the time. It featured a fuel injected six cylinder, three litre engine, capable of producing 215 BHP, and a top speed of 155 MPH. The engine was tilted sideways, giving the 300 SL an aerodynamic front. This installation coined the phrase 'power domes', becoming a synonymous symbol of Merc.
The Mercedes gullwing was not built as a sports car. However, this fact did not stop it winning motor sport victories. In December 1999, the 300SL was given the title Sports Car of The Century, issued by an international panel of judges.
1957 saw the car replaced by the Merc 300SL Roadster - a top of the range version of the car with no roof, and conventional doors.
Then came the 300 SLR, an eight cylinder, three litre supercar, capable of producing 302 BHP, taking the speed up to a staggering 180 MPH.
This car was known as the Uhlenhaut Coupe, and was developed as a long-distance racer. However, it also doubled as a company road car. Due to the space frame design of the Mercedes 300 SLR, gullwing doors were fitted again.
The new version debuted in 1955, however in October of that year it was withdrawn from racing, and became Rudolph Uhlenhaut's company car, adopting the name Uhlenhaut Coupe. The SLR failed on the racing circuit due to its massive fuel consumption, and the need for heavy maintenance after each race.
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