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Honda history

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Honda History

Past to present

Honda has been around since around 1947 offering everything from power tools to sports cars, the Japanese company is globally renown for technology, the latest releases from car technological advances to robots. This guide concentrates on the coolest Japanese cars from the NSX to highly tuned Spoon Civics.
The Jap giant haven't been around as long as you have thought, however this doesn't detract from the sheer magnitude of Honda, the company is truly renowned for its dabbling into everything from Racing cars through to Powerboats even Assimo a custom made robot capable of walking upstairs and running.

1960 Where it all began

1963 - First sports car released the S500 and light truck T360 were released.
1966 - The sales and export campaign for the S800 begins.
1967 - Front wheel drive minicar, released the N360.
1968 - The N Series minicar No1 in Japanese car sales , exportation of the N360 and N600 starts.


1970 - The N360 No1 seller in Japan for first 3 years. The release of Z and Vamos minicars.
1972 - Beginning of an era, the first Honda Civic released - Life Step Van released.
1976 - Accord CVCC 1.6 released- The famed Civic sales reach 1 million units.
1978 - The Prelude is released.


1980 - Accord production reaches 1 million units.
1981 - City released.
1985 - The release of the ' Today ' minicar, Legend & Quint Integra released .
1987 - Civic production reaches 5 million units.
1988 - US made Accord Coupe exported to Japan for sale. Honda car production reaches 15 million units.
1989 - Accord Inspire released.


1990 - Stop the Press the NSX supercar a mid engined racing / road car released.
1991 - The US-made Accord Wagon released in Japan. Convertible minicar the Beat released.
1992 - Honda achieves automobile production output of 20 million units globally.
1994 - Odyssey released.
1995 - Global Civic production reaches output of 10 million units. New Civic VTEC and MultiMatic introduced.CR-V SUV released.
1996 - Step Wagon released.
1997 - Release of Low emission vehicles (LEV) Civic Ferio and Partner 1.6 . Electrical vehicles introduced. New Life released.
1999 - Release of the much anticipated S2000 sports car, Insight hybrid released.


2000 - First minicar specially adapted for the physically challenged the Life Almas.
2001 - Fit released & Civic Hybrid released.
2002 - Release of the new Thai-made Fit Aria Japan.
2003 - Honda first Jap car company to produce 10 million cars in the United States. The release of the New Odyssey.
2004 - Released in European markets Accord 2.2i-CTDI running original diesel engine. The new Accord Hybrid released in U.S.
2005 - New release the Ridgeline next-gen truck - U.S. US Motor introduces sales of Phill, 1st home refueling appliance for natural gas cars and trucks.
FCX fuel cell vehicle leasing for domestic use begins. Global sales of Honda hybrid vehicles tops 100,000 units.

2005 - 2007

Honda have stepped into the greener side of cars in a big way, with the introduction of their new hybrid prius and other models, however this hasn't stopped the company, new versions of the Integra and S2000 continue to be released.
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Escort RS Cosworth

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Escort RS Cosworth

A rally car based on a humble hatch back, The Escort RS Cosworth and WRC first came about in the early 90's, after the the first Sierra Cosworth, the phenomenal car is basically an Escort hatchback floor pan, with stretched quarter panels, manufactured longer and with a few more additions. The engine is 2 litre twin cam turbo charged engine which runs unleaded fuel 97 ron (super unleaded) and even has a catalytic converter,

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Ford RS Timeline

(Reading time: 3 - 5 minutes)

The timeline of the RS motorsport division of Ford, from the late 60's to late 2000.

1968 - New Ford Escort range released January - featuring the Twin-Cam model.
1970 - RS 1600 released Jan, Twin-Cam Escort still in production 
1970 - 50 lightweight Ford Capri RS 2600 AKA (plastikbombe) produced March. 
1970 - Production of lightweight RS2600 completed April. 
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Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

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The Sierra RS Cosworth has been in development since back in 1981, but was finally released in 1986. The car is a complete animal, it was a Sierra in shape, but so much more too. It sported a full RS body-kit, modified grille, rear spoiler and custom alloy wheels. The car became extremely successful in motorsport for Ford, both track racing and rallying.

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Ford GT40

(Reading time: 5 - 10 minutes)

The GT40 gained its name, due it standing just 40 inches high from the floor. A spectacular 1-2-3 victory at LeMans in 1966 sealed its success, in staying in the No. one slot for a further 3 successive victories. It was primarily a racing car, however many of the 134 chassis were engineered to road specification for enthusiasts.

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The 1st rear wheel drive car to be designed & manufactured was the Cortina. Sir Patrick Hennessy, chairman of Ford Britain saw an early concept in the Detroit facility his response was amazement. Sir Patrick Hennessy ordered Britain's research & development team to proceed at once in designing a rival to the German design.

The British team achieved there goal and the first Cortina was available to buy in 1962. The car went from strength to strength, when the Mark II was introduced, over 1 million models had been sold.
Ford Lotus Cortina
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Ford history

(Reading time: 6 - 12 minutes)

1900 till 1942

This US car company was founded by Henry Ford in 1903. Two Model A cars were shipped from Detroit to the UK – The first cars to be imported to UK shores. Henry could not have imagined how his company would flourish.

UK recognition

The two Model A's had their debut at Cordingley Automobile show in Islington London, seeing these new car driving around, Aubrey Blakiston was driven to set up a Ford sales agency in Long Acre, London. The agency appointed Percival Perry who eventually took over.
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