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planet auto update shows, shows & more shows 2014

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It's November already, car shows well and truly finished for 2013, except for club meets etc. This makes it the busiest time for the pa team, hence why news is a little thin on the ground. Currently Michael and I are sourcing and adding as many car shows is possible, today we are adding VW festivals, next it's, well whatever we find Vauxhall, Ford, French Euros you name it.

If you would like your show adding please comment with the shows details below or add a car event here.


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zelectricmotors - Bringing the bug up to date

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zelectricmotors - Bringing the bug up to date
zelectricmotors based in San Diego, California is modernising the classic bug. The Volkswagen Beetle was the peoples car however in the modern world it does face a real world problem. Cars are becoming more efficient on fuel due to more economical engines, electric motors and hybrids. As a result of this the VW bug is getting left far behind.
Similar cars to the Beetle in present day are now achieving fuel economies of  40 - 70 mpg. Whereas the classic Volkswagen is staying in the past achieving only 20 - 30 mpg, supercar mpg. Therefore the classic is not a viable everyday run about.
Wouldn't it be ideal to have a fuel efficient beetle, maybe an electric Beetle?
Zelectric are now making this possible. Bringing the VW beetle into the 21st century. The electric motor has a range of 90 to 110 miles depending on your driving. Making this a brilliant and cheap way to go to the shop or take the kids to school. Even get to that VW show for a minimal cost. The electric motor is able to achieve 80+MPG in 3rd gear, who needs anything faster. 
One of the biggest concerns with a electric car is the batteries. Often they can be expensive to replace and often don't have a brilliant range. Zelectic beetles pack a 24 kWh battery, this is the same as a Nissan Leaf. You won't have to worry about changing the battery any time soon. The battery will last from 10-15 years and can travel 160,000+ miles.
Not only dose the Zelectic beetle have an electic engine it also has many other awesome features. including, White wall radial tires, Front Disc Brakes, Sound Deadening throughout, Stock transmission, Heavy duty shocks, Digital eFuel Gauge, Electric Ceramic Heater, Electric Wiper Washer pump & spray nozzle, RetroSounds Radio w/ iPod port & Speakers, LED Head/Tail lights + 3rd brake light. This means that you can have the retro look with all the modern car benefits. 
If this sounds good to you drop them a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. if you would like more information then check out their website.
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Common Issues of Used cars: 7 Questions to Ask The Dealer

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Used car common issues : The 7 Questions to Ask Your Dealer

Buying a used car from a dealer is one of the most common ways to get a new motor. 
However, it can be peppered with difficulties and stresses as it’s difficult to know just what to ask about, what to keep close to your chest and what the dealer means when he uses all of that jargon.
The car dealer
Naturally, it’s really important to discuss the price and all the hidden costs that may arise once you are happy and want the car.       []
Buyers are also within their rights to ask for a test drive, an inspection of the vehicle and to see any paperwork that goes with it.
It’s also helpful to know all of the vehicles features, from fuel usage to safety features if this isn’t already known from initial research.
Crucially, however, you need to be sure that you are buying the right product first and foremost. Here are seven questions to ask your dealer when you first see the car, either before or after you have taken a test drive and before you sign anything.
The answers to these questions will act as pointers to the state of the car, the deal that you are getting and anything else you will need to know before signing your contract.
1. What is the car’s service history? This would include the MOT certificate and the mileage (and proof of it).
2. What past owners and accidents has the car had? This will give you a better indication of its general service history, in a much clearer and obvious way. This will also give opportunity to ask what the car was previously used for.
3. Are there any parts of the car that don’t work or need work doing? This can lead you to discuss your payment deal and whether any repairs that are needed can be included in the final price.
4. What is included in the price? Deals can include anything from extended warranty, insurance, road tax and petrol payments.
5. What does the warranty cover?
6. What history does it have at the dealership - How long has it been there? Where did it come from? Has anything been replaced?
7. What other money am I going to need to spend on the vehicle - What insurance band is it in? How much is the road tax?
There are pivotal questions around the car itself but, if buyers have already done their research before going to a dealer, they can be sure that the car being discussed is the right one.
This guest post was provided courtesy of Evans Halshaw, the experts when it comes to new and used car sales in Europe.
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Jaguar SUV within a month

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Jaguar 4x4 showcase Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 

It's on the cards at last a 4x4 from Jag, the new Sport Utility Vehicle is to be showcased on September 22nd at the Frankfurt Motor Show, according to Autocar, which makes it very unlikley you'll see at any other 2013 car shows, but you never know.

The new Jaguar 4x4 concept

The British car maker has wanted to enter the 4x4 market for sometime, however hasn't particularly faired well up until now, however Indian owners Tata have the wheels in motion. Tata are using Land Rover their sister company to borrow all their 4x4 knowhow to make the perfect Jaguar SUV.


We may see the new vehicle as soon as 2016, as there are no pictures, we can only summise based on the Range Rover / Evoque offerings. It is expected the 4x4 will be around £30,000, allowing it to compete with BMW X3 and Audi Q5. This latest innovation is likely to be powered by the latest Jaguar land Rover range of 4 cylinder engines,and higher powered V6 version seen in XF and XJ cars.


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Preparing to Meet Your Car Dealer: Knowing What You Want Before Entering The Showroom

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Buying a new car? Feeling daunted at the prospect of dealing with a car dealer? 

In keeping with our previous features ‘buying a used car’ and ‘importing a car’ here is our guide to preparing to meet your car dealer; from handy hints and tips to the legal loopholes that you need to be aware of.
Before you go into any car dealership:
- Know what you want. Research the car that you want and the price that you are willing to pay for it. If you’re selling a car to buy a new one you also need to take this into account. Autotrader is a useful site to give you realistic representations of the sectors current prices.
- Research the best dealer for you. Like all business the automotive industry is competitive; find the best price that you can and stay with a reputable company. Many websites now have review sections, and many independent sites review different companies - do your research before you go.
- Check your credit rating/financial situation. Buying a car is generally a big purchase so you need to be sure that you can afford it. If you’re buying a car on credit it is usually advisable to secure the funding before going to a dealer.
- Know your rights before you go. 
Like all trustworthy businesses reputable car dealerships are subject to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) standards regulations. The motoring sector arm of the OFT is Motor Codes Limited and they are responsible for keeping an eye on registered company’s dealings.
When a car is being sold there are three criteria required to meet the OFT standards. They are: 
      1. The car has to be of satisfactory quality. 
      2. The car has to be fit for purpose
      3. The car has to match the description given.
If any of these regulations are broken after your visit you may be able to make a formal complaint, but remember these guides and do not buy if you are unsure.
-Find the right person at the dealership. You need to know the invoice price of a car ( what the dealer has paid for it) and you need to speak to the most knowledgeable person at the dealership. This can be done by making an appointment with the Sales Manager before heading down.
- Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Do your research before you go and be ready to walk away from the first offer that you receive in favour of finding a better one in the future.
And finally.. while you’re there:
- Haggle, haggle, haggle. There are lots of deals out there; make sure you get the best one for you.
Take a look at our guide on buying a second hand car for while you’re there here.
This guest post was provided by the content team at Central Contracts, the UK car leasing specialists.
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Fordlandia - The vision of Henry Ford

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It seems only apt that we write about Fordlandia, the day after, what would have been Henry's 150th birthday, when you think of Ford you think of inspiration, the first auto production line and the Model T, the only car that you can have in any colour as long as its black.

However hardly anyone including myself has ever heard of the legacy of Henry Ford known as Fordlandia - A 6000 sq mile town fabricated in the Amazon rainforest in 1928, The Jungle Rubber Utopia of Henry Ford's Fordlandia, an Amazon rainforest town.

The initial idea for the town was to provide the car manufacturer with rubber for car tyres, without relying on Malayan Rubber, better known as British rubber. The vision was to live and prosper in Fordlandia, through simple morals, and no alcohol. The project steamed ahead with homes being built relatively fast, next running water, electricity even swimming pools, Ford believed leisure was a major part of the economy. 

It was an interesting idea, and may have worked if the production of rubber elsewhere hadn't taken off, it would have also been more successful if the people running the show knew about cultivating rubber plants, soil quality and how to fend off predators of the plant, even moving the town wasn't enough. The final blow was with the invention of synthetic rubber making the whole town, surplus to requirement, the land was sold back, Fordlandia just wasn't to be. Today the location is peppered with disused building, of what used to be, Fordlandia: Henry Ford's Forgotten Jungle City.

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Dub Haus No1 with pa for many reasons

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What a place, Dub Haus in Chorley is exactly as it sounds a mecca for VW, they specialise in the supply of used parts, after the Mk2's break in on Friday afternoon in Lancaster, Asda, I had to find some tricky to find VAG parts including a green tinted window and inner door handle.

First I googled VW breakers in the area, and came across DubHaus, gave them a quick call, reeled off the list of needed parts, guy said he'd check his yard and call us back, so far so good. As we are impatient we rang back with 15 mins, he had sourced a window, that's all we needed to hear.

Set up the iphone as the GPS had been lifted in the smash n grab, and set off to Chorley bound on the M6, got to the M61, and changed for M65, till the Bolton turnoff then 5th exit, and headed towards the town. Entered a small industrial etate peppered with VW cars, Mk4 Golf, Jetta, Beetle and Beach buggy, loved it already, the guy appeared brandishing a window, mint, then the veedub love tookover, why not get this and that.  

After 30 mins of requesting a cigar lighter, practically brand new gator, door handle and window I was finished, thought £40 - £50, got everything for £25, real genuine Volkswagen loving company. 

I'l be returning when I decide which wheels to buy.

Thank you Dub Haus


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