Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Beauty and her Beast

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Mclaren 650s
There are a few misconceptions about us who live in Texas, USA.


1) We ride Horses

2) We don’t know the slightest bit about Exotic Cars

3) All Supercar owners are men

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The London Motor Show

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The London motor show is literally less than 2 weeks away, grab your tickets whilst you still can or win a pair courtesy of The London Motor Show and Planet Auto. This years show is bigger and better than ever, catering to the most hard-core car enthusiasts whilst being an entertaining day for the whole family. There really is going to be something for everyone this year a wide range of food, entertainment, store vendors and of course cars.

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The 2018 Faraday Future FF91

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The year 2017 certainly seems to be the year of the EV or the electric car if you prefer. Electric mobility is all the rage and up until now has been pretty much completely dominated by Tesla, with other manufacturers offering a small range of their existing vehicles as electric - including Vauxhall, VW, Renault etc.
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It's three weeks until the London Motor Show

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In just under three weeks The London Motor Show at Battersea Park will be in full swing, and the motor show is delighted to announce that have become the titled sponsor for 2017. Last year's event attracted over 25,000 car enthusiasts, selling out on the Saturday and the Sunday.
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Aston Martin Vanquish S: Red Arrows Edition

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Aston Martin Vanquish Red Arrows

The Vanquish S is a stunning car in it's own right, however this particular incarnation is a new level of beauty.

Possibly one of the prettiest Aston Martins ever made, in my opinion. The Red Arrow inspired car is one of only ten being commissioned by Aston Martin, all featuring unique exterior and interior styling, all in the name of the RAF's most prestigious aerobatics team. 

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2018 Bentley Continental

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It will come as no surprise when I say a new Bentley Continental is now on the horizon, after selling tens of thousands of the luxury GT car over the last 14 years. Most popular with the super rich, and firmly establishing a place in just about every premier league footballer’s driveway.
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The Silverstone Classic Festival is on the horizon

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Jaguar Supercars
As the Silverstone Classic Festival fast approaches, many people agree that it is recognised as the epitome of classic racing; so go ahead -  it's time to choose your favourite celebrity racer. 
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