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The MG HS Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle is here, and it's quite something, the HS Hybrid as we've dubbed it starts at just under £30k.

Now this may sound high, but compared to similar PHEV SUV's it's extremely well priced, the Exclusive trim which adds LEDs, trim options etc starts at just under £32500.

The new model retains the same, chassis and the same punchy turbo charged 1.5 petrol engine, however it now generates just under 260bhp AND 370nm torque with an additional 90kW electric motor, which also allows for it to travel on pure electric upto 32m.

Where this Hybrid SUV really excels is economy which is a combined MPG of around WLTP 155mpg.

This new powertrain means HS Plug in can hot 0-60mph in under 7 seconds, we can't wait to get behind the wheel.

This latest model, means MG now has 3 vehicles with electrification.

Watch our for our full review coming soon.

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