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Lamborghini Murciélago LP640

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Lamborghini Murciélago LP640

This amazing car gets its name from its engine position being placed longitudinale posteriore - and the 640 refers to the horse power of the model.
The whole car been has been focused on reworking the classic. The engine, gearbox, suspension exhaust system, electronics & brakes have all been reworked, as well as the Murcielago interior being treated to a facelift even the exterior design has been treated to some improvements. All in all LP640 is the most extreme and quickest supercar in its class.
The Lamborghini appears even more aggressive than its predecessor it is equipped with new front and back bumpers, it has even more styling added to including new integrated lights and exhaust pipes moulded into the bumper. It has air intakes which is limited wheras the left one is left side with a vast space for cooling the oil radiator.
The engine
The new powerlump has 12 cylinders and a V60/6496 cc engine. The new LP640 has been given a completely re-worked engine and modified heavily. It has a far larger bore and longer stroke, inturn increasing the displacement far greater than the 60¡ V-engine from 6.2 litres to 6.5 litres.
The original Murcielago engine was capable of producing 580 hp, but now the technicians at Lamborghini have managed to get 640 hp (471 kW) at 8,000 min-1 out of the engine, hence the name.

Performance specs 

0 to 62mph in 3.4 seconds 
Top speed 200mph.
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Lamborghini timeline

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Lamborghini History from the Miura to the Revento, Aventador and Centenario


1960 : A tractor manufacturer in the early 1960's, Ferruccio Lamborghini with an interest in great sports cars, decided to start developing a range 
super cars. The love came from his past Osca's, Maserati's and Ferrari's, however these cars never completely satisfied him.
As the story goes there are various versions of what drove Ferrucio to launch his own super car company, The most accurate reason is due to a conflict 
between Enzo Ferrari & Ferruccio Lamborgini, driving the Italian tractor manufacturer to set up his own company to compete directly with his Enzo, this originates from Lamborghini's son:-
'Ferruccio Lamborghini went to discuss some problems regarding his 250 GT.
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