Monday, May 16, 2022

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The Mercedes Benz Vito has been a staple for many years in the commercial world. Well the world has started to change a little, and emissions are the hot topic, meaning you've likely seen that diesel is a non starter in todays world.

This means commercial vehicle manufacturers have had to look elsewhere, enter the eVito.

It's powered by an 85kW electric motor and has a 35kWh electric battery, and the clever thing is it can regen upto 15m per charge.

You have a 93m range, which increases when used in an urban environment, there are various speed outputs ranging from 56mph to 76mph.

The shortest van has been discontinued to allow for the battery gubbins not to take up cargo space, meaning you have the L2 and L3 to choose from and 2 trims, Pure which we have and the Progressive.

You can also add options too, including power folding mirrors, reversing camera even load baring roof bars.

The Mercedes Benz eVito starts at £39,000 and costs as little as 2p per mile, it's the perfect van for local deliveries.



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