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Modifying a GTR 

Since the R32 the Skyline has been recognised as the ultimate Jap supercar with this comes, you guessed it - modification
The Skyline has always been prone to modification due to its aggresive looks and above all the RB26DETT engine and its strength. The engine, used in all GT-Rs, is of the most highly modifiable variants which maintains its durability. There are many tuners who supply aftermarket "bolt on" upgrade kits for the Skyline GT-R range to boost power beyond stock.
Check out these modified skylines
The Nissan Skyline as standard was is capable of running at 350 bhp without compromising reliability with only minor changes to peripheral systems (turbo boost, exhaust, intercooling, intake).
Skyline GT-R owners and forums state that the boost on the turbo can be safely increased to around 0.9 bar (from 0.7 bar) with no modifications to the standard turbochargers. Increases using these turbo chargers risk the ceramic exhaust wheel damage.
Many GT-Rs run well beyond 500 bhp, one particular model the Jun skyline runs at over 1000 Bhp, however this level of power is just the tip.
This showsthat GT-R's can be tuned to almost formula 1 car standards with more or less similar results, considerably higher levels of power output are achievable with relatively low decrease in daily use reliability. 
The car is popular on the import racing scene in Australia, New Zealand and the USA and more recently the UK where Skyline GT-Rs have been modified to 1000 hp and up. One example is the Veilside R34 Street Drag model, running 1360 bhp and topping over 200 mph. This type of mod does adversly affect reliability.



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