Sunday, October 25, 2020

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As an avid follower of Planet Auto we can safely say you are interested in motor sport, cars and pretty much anything automotive, well courtesy of Motor Trend we are getting the chance to interview Tiff Needell this week and ask him some questions about the service and his motoring career, favourite cars etc.

For years the world has been crying out for an auto content subscription service, well Motor Trend is just that, an automotive streaming service offers streaming content, and it has just been launched in the UK and European. The unique service brings more than 2000 hours of motorsport programmes, 2000 hours of original shows and exclusive live OnDemand videos of motorsport to petrol heads and enthusiasts alike to view the car content they thrive for. This is great news for of the UK, in a word it's the Netflix of the motoring world. The service provides a host of auto content including:-
  • Automotive news
  • Live motorsport events
  • Original programmes
  • Motor Trend Awards
  • Motor events 
Events being covered on the OnDemand subscription service include the Pirelli World Challenge, The Blancpain GT series, Rolex Monterey motorsports reunion and not surprisingly the Goodwood Festival of speed - which we've just returned from where we met Maria Blanca of TEN who told us all we need to know about the service.
Motor Trend launched a new series from The Festival of Speed 2017 at Goodwood, named Forbidden Drives hosted by famed motorsport celebrity Tiff Needell and Johnny Smith. The first episode streamed directly from the FOS 2017, the series focuses on regional Automotive legends and cars that never reached a world market.
Motor Trend first emerged in the US in May 2016 with the is aim of providing the US market with Automotive and Motor Support content including interviews live events and featured programs.
Due to interest in the UK and Europe the US service was extended to cater for the new markets - some of the the successful programs include - Roadkill, Head-to-head, Hot rod garage and Ignition and if you're into Formula Three, Rallying, Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe it's all there at the click of a button.
Motor trend is an on demand premier world Automotive subscription video service giving the user access to over 2000 hours of Motorsport & Automotive content and like Netflix and Amazon it includes original programming that covers motorsport events, live events and historical events, giving petrol heads and car enthusiasts alike access to a whole spectrum of motorsport & Automotive media.
Tiff Needell added:
“I’m really excited about launching ‘Forbidden Drives’.   While Motor Trend drives and tests countless cars each year, there are some rare and not so rare motors that don’t make their way to American soil.  While some are no real loss, others are modern-day legends that remain tantalizingly out of reach.  We will travel the world to track down and drive these rarities and bring these forbidden drives to life!   In each episode, Jonny and I will compare two close competitors and decide which is our favourite forbidden drive worthy of crossing the pond to the United States. Viewers will be able to view the show exclusively on Motor Trend OnDemand.”
If you're interested in joining Motor Trend there is a 30 day free trial and after that the price is a modest £4.80 per month and streaming Motor trend is easy and it works on multiple platforms such as Apple TV, Rocket, Fire TV, Xbox one and a range of iOS and android platforms.
Auto enthusiasts can watch races from 126 different motorsport series is as well as seizing completely original programming - 17 series's.
 Photos Credited: Diego Merino/IberianMPH
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