Tuesday, August 04, 2020

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Tech has been a major part of cars for many years, stability controls, power steering etc - However tech in the last few years
has headed towards safety and entertainment, and why not? We spend a lot of time in our vehicles.
Therefore the recent announcements from Qualcomm, leaders in tech research and pioneering fast charging for Formula E, are a real advancement in car communications and entertainment.
They are introducing along with LG, 5G testing and wireless capabilities in vehicles starting in 2018.
This is a progression from the first telematics system both companies delivered in 2004.
Qualcomm also announced yesterday they are going to integrate the Snapdragon 820A processor in vehicle infotainment systems, allowing an in car immersive experience capable of delivering 4K video, 3D navigation and streaming.
The future looks bright for car tech.
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