Tuesday, August 04, 2020

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Road rage is write on British roads, however this incident on the the M1 has a twist, there is no doubt both guys were in the wrong, yet you can see his logic.

The HGV 40 footer starts by sounding his horn and flashing his lights at a car sat in the middle lane, when there is no traffic in the slow lane, yet the driver doesn't move over. The next part is crazy the artic driver starts to overtake in the fast lane, this is illegal for all hgv vehicles and vehicles with trailers. 

Does the car driver move no, he stands his ground and is clipped, why did he not move over? 

The car driver a dash cam company owner is now placing a 999 call to report the incident whilst begrudgeling changing into the slow lane. Now at no point is there any defensive driving at play by either driving.

Was this incident aggravated to promote the dash cam company and the need for fitting as dash mounted camera?

There are the facts, what would you have done? 

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