Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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Efacec, a global supplier of engineering, energy, transportation and environmental solutions, today announced it has entered into a Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) license agreement with Qualcomm Halo

Through this partnership, Efacec, has licensed Qualcomm Halo technology to commercialise WEVC systems for Plug-In Hybrid (PHEVs) and Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Globally infrastructure companies, car manufacturers, city planners and governments recognise the positive impact wireless charging can have for the adoption of EVs/PHEVs, thus inturn creating a more sustainable transport ecosystem. This type of eco motor pool has already been extremely successfull with the LAPD EV fleet operating in and around Los Angeles.

Efacec aims to commercialise the Qualcomm Halo wireless charging technology to bring to market an efficient and interoperable WEVC infrastructure solution, this will simplify the EVs charging process and eliminate the need for charging cables .Pedro Silva, Efacec Electric Mobility’s Managing Director says, “The simplicity and efficiency benefits of WEVC, for industry and ultimately for drivers, are obvious. We will commercialise WEVC infrastructure for our customers, offering smarter and cleaner ways to charge EVs, which complement the offer we have on conductive charging. We believe Qualcomm Halo technology delivers the most advanced and comprehensive WEVC technology available today.”

This is great news for EV's and qualcomm alike, alread famous for their Forumla E presence and integration.




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