Tuesday, August 04, 2020

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Back to the Future day is proving to be quite the nostalgic event, Nike releasing the Air Mags with power laces after years of speculation, fittingly with Marty Mcfly wearing them and now Toyota stepping up. 

Michael J fox now has another revamped version of a Back to the Future movie prop his famous black 4x4 pickup the Toyota Tacoma.

Toyota thought it fitting to release the truck that Marty McFly wanted over in the first film. The Tacoma is a base, with the BTTF concept echoing the new model, a classic 1985 original style, it comes in an all-black paint job with those spots all fans of the movie will recognise the KC HiLite driving lamps - this time a modern LED variety.

The design has tried to give subtle mods to Marty Mcfly's dream vehicle it sports a D-4S fuel injection badge, tubular bumpers and number plates that mimic the 2015 plates from Back To The Future II, how cool? 

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