30 minute quick review. Trev Gent’s POV of the Smart Forfour Electric Drive
This is the all new Electric Smart Car by Mercedes-Benz - Now in this bigger, four seat version.
It is fitted with a new Renault Lithium-ion 17.6kWh battery powering a 3ph synchronous electric motor producing 60KW but with 41KW continuous 
use. This is the equivalent of 80bhp/54bhp in car terms. It also produces a decent 160Nm of torque.
It as a claimed range of 99 miles which fits well with its school run and around town market.
At lower speeds it is quiet and gets to 40mph in 6 seconds, quickly and smoothly.  
However, although it reaches 60mph in 12.7 seconds, wind and road noise isn’t conducive to a pleasant drive. That said, keeping up with traffic on the longer runs is no problem.
I think the road noise is emphasised due to me being used to engine noise, as well as the fact that it is really quiet at slower speeds.
The car is ‘smart’ looking with our test car being supplied in the optional electric green at an extra cost of £595. It also had the white wheels.
Most options on the petrol Smart Car are included on the Electric one.
The car’s safety cell, which is normally grey/silver, is painted bright green with matching door mirrors.
Inside, the car feels premium quality. It comes with leather seats and the fabric covered dash looks good. The car is fitted with cruise control, Bluetooth, climate control and also Smart’s infotainment system which can be used from your smartphone or via the large touchscreen. It is also supplied with 3D Sat-Nav by Tom Tom.
The Eco button which in an Eco type car is a little weird actually reduces top speed and accelerator response to get those extra miles from the battery. It also sets the re-gen braking system to maximum.
The re-generative braking under normal conditions is controlled by radar to assist normal braking and charge the battery. This function detects other vehicles around you and provides braking when you lift off the accelerator.
The car can be charged from a normal domestic socket but this takes 6 hours to charge from 20-100%.
A fast charge wall box is available and will charge the same battery in 3.5hours.
·       Engine / Style
Externally excited three-phase synchronous motor
·       Continuous power in kW [1] 41
·       Max. Power in kW [1] 60
·       Max. Torque in Nm [1]160
·       Acceleration 0 - 60 km / h in s 5.5
·       Acceleration 0 - 100 km / h in s 12.7
·       Maximum speed in km / h 130
·       Range in km [2] 155
·       Battery capacity in kWh 17.6
·       battery type Lithium-ion
·       Number of battery cells 96
·       On-board loader in kW 4.6
·       Charge time 20-100% in hours [3] at the wall box 3.5
·       Charging time 20-100% in hours [3] at the household socket 6
·       Power consumption (combined) in kWh / 100km [4] [5] when charging on a wall box 13.1
·       CO2 emission (combined) in g / km [4] [5]
·       Length 3.49m
·       Width 1.875m
·       Height 1.554m
·       Efficiency class (valid for D) [6] [7] A +
The basic petrol model is £11865 and with similar options comes in at £12910.
The Electric car on test was £18,005
Elegant eye-catchers: the seats upholstered in black leather with contrasting grey topstitching. The dashboard and door centre panels feature a corresponding colour scheme in black fabric with accent trim parts in black/grey.
Make your electric drive stand out with the electric drive package for £595 total RRP (incl. VAT):
·       Tridion safety cell in electric green
·       Door mirror caps in tridion colour
·       White body panels, body and radiator trim and 16-inch alloy wheels in 8-Y-spoke design painted in white or
·       Black body panels, body and radiator trim and 16-inch alloy wheels in 8-Y-spoke design painted in black.
From zero driving emissions to fully charging the vehicle in 3.5 hours*. 
All smart electric drive models are in Vehicle Excise Duty Band A, so you’ll pay no road tax. You’ll also qualify for the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) car grant*, offering up to £4,500 off the cost of the car. And you may benefit from other savings such as free or subsidised parking.
You’ll even be exempt from the London Congestion Charge.
The fastest way to charge your smart electric drive is by connecting it to a purpose-built wall box using the supplied charging cable. Ideal for your garage, carport or company car park, a wall box will charge the battery from 20—100% in just 3.5 hours.
You can also charge your smart electric drive from any domestic power socket but it takes a little longer: 20—100% in around 6 hours.
The smart Media-System with 7-inch display offers 3D navigation, hands-free calling, and music streaming.

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