Efacec licenses Qualcomm to commercialise WEVC systems

Efacec, a global supplier of engineering, energy, transportation and environmental solutions, today announced it has entered into a Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) license agreement with Qualcomm Halo

F1 AMG Petronas and Qualcomm 5ghz telemetry transfer inrace

F1 racing is taking a technological step this coming weekend in Austin. MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One team and Qualcomm teamed up to enable a wireless download of F1 car  telemetry data using a hyperfast 5 GHz Wi-FiĀ® Transfer during the Formula One practice sessions.

Toyota Tacoma Back to the Future edition

Back to the Future day is proving to be quite the nostalgic event, Nike releasing the Air Mags with power laces after years of speculation, fittingly with Marty Mcfly wearing them and now Toyota stepping up. 

Delorean DMC Back to the future day

It's finally here, every year back to the future day is here, however this year it's really the date and the year from the film. The 21st October at 4.29pm 2015 is when Marty Mcfly and Doc Emmett Brown land in the future in Doc's time travelling Delorean with it's flux capacitor.

The DMC car is synonymous with the Robert Zemeckis trilogy, making the Delorean a success in the film world, but a failure in the automotive world, the scandal didn't help with John Delorean and Colin chapman. 

However with the launch of the Back to the Future films, the Delorean was famous, every 80s child knew the car. 

There's a little history and happy #bttf2015

Chinese Tesla clones appear

With every car success whether an EV, Diesel or Petrol find a Chinese copy, this time with the Tesla Model S.

The New Bentley Bentayga has been unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show

The new Bentley SUV has been presented at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show - however, if you want one, you will have to wait until next year, as Bentley have received enough pre-orders to completely fill all of this year's manufacturing run.


Porsche Mission E IAA2015 EV

One of the highlights featuring at IAA2015 Frankfurt is the Porsche Mission E, a fully electric Porsche super car with 600hp and a 500km range, a dream? It appears not 

Frankfurt IAA 2015 Motor Show

The title says it all, as well as will the lineup of vehicles being showcased at the Frankfurt IAA 2015 Motorshow expect combustion, EV, hybrid and who knows what else.

It's easy going green with the LAPD more EV power

At a recent press conference , Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti announced that the LAPD will introducing the BMW i3 and the Tesla Model S P85D to their police car fleet, truly putting the EV on the Los Angeles Map. 

Pit-side view at the Formula E Preview

It's not every day that you get the chance to be this up close and personal with Formula E drivers and their pit crews. 


Tesla Model 3 will be another 2 years

Tesla Model 3
If you're after one of the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3, this new offering from Elon Musk EV billed as a more affordable alternative than its predecessor, well you may have a little longer to wait, in fact a few more years to be exact.

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