Model S60 Tesla

It's happened the Elon Musk offering of the Model S has been reintroduced, the Model S 60 is lower spec version of it's big brother,

Manx Rally IOM May 2016

It's not every time you embark on a work trip that turns out to be an unforeseen adventure of the car kind. 

Annabelle Bush

Annabelle Bush

Dir. KameleonUK | Founding Partner

Business Logistics & Solutions Consultant


Annabelle is the voice behind Planet Auto, planning all logistics, forging new directions. Annabelle has the passion and drive to deliver an unparalleled client experience. Her primary objective when undertaking a project is to establish a rapport with all clients, and approach any objective with a focussed determination and an attention to detail that is unsurpassable.

Annabelle’s skills and resources are extensive and constantly expanding. During her career the foremost concern has always been openness, honesty and integrity and a healthy working relationship within any work structure. This gives Annabelle a unique ability to elevate any and all working experiences by taking advantage of opportunities and developing the skills of the people around her. 




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Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor

Dir. KameleonUK | Founding Partner


Ben graduated from The University of Teesside in 2002 with an HND Multi Media, having previously graduated from L&M College with a BTEC Nat Dip in Computer Programming in 2000.

He Founded Planet Auto in 2005, taking on the massive task of creating the framework of the site, feeling the site needed a rebuild Planet Auto was rebuilt in 2013 with a custom CMS based on Joomla.

Now in 2017 the team have decided to rebrand Planet Auto once again, this inturn means the site has undergone some of the biggest changes in its history, Ben maintains the backend of the site, whilst also consistently updating the site with content and growing our forever expanding Instagram and other social media platform ensuring our  audience always have something new.



Car Collection

  • Volkswagen Golf GTI (1992, Mk2 16V)
  • Citroen Xsara Picasso (2002)
  • Peugeot 206 CC


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Alt Tel (Michael): 07393 296644
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The Tesla Model 3 is nearly here

It's been 10 years in the making, and it's nearly here - the ev that is designed to take the electric car mainstream. On March 31st 2016, the Tesla Model 3 will be unveiled to the world by Elon Musk. Tesla already has a great following, and why not with such innovative electric vehicles as the Model S, Model X and the Roadster, phenomenally good cars.

Top 10 Fastest Cars in the World - 2016

If you are looking at this, you're probably asking yourself: "What are the fastest production cars in the world, today.

Production cars and racing cars

This is the list of the top 10 fastest street-legal cars by top speed.

We all love the Lowered Life Lowlifeproblems

planet auto is now partnered with Lowlifeproblems the up and coming car movement with an ethos based on #builtnotbought.

Maserati Levante SUV enters the game

The noble SUV is a big player for manufacturers, therefore it's no surprise Maserati have followed suit with an SUV to contend with the Cayenne, Bentayga and others.

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25 yr rolling vehicle tax exemption

Now this is a great idea, currently vehicles over 40 years are elligible, however this would be better if it was a 25 year rolling tax exemption.

The EV to save VW? BUDD-e

BUDD-e with MEB platform

It's all been a bit crazy with VW of late, #dieselgate the scandal of fixing emissions on various VAG vehicles for the last few years, and the fact that the US department of justice is preparing to file a lawsuit amounting to $61billion, we get a look at how Volkswagen are wanting to restore faith to its brand. The question is will the BUDD-e and the future EV's allow you to put the VW emissions scandal to the back of your mind?

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