Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 gunning for GoPro

Looks like someone is coming to knock GoPro from the 4K live video podium, they have been infamous in latter years with cars,

Fiat 124 Spider September 2016

The latest car from Italy the Fiat 124 Spider is nearly on our shores. A new two-seater roadster joint venture with Mazda starting at £19,545, interestingly priced at around £1,100 more than the MX-5 counterpart.

EV race heating up with Mercedes

It looks like the electric car race is heating up - again - with a new contender. Mercedes this time, who are creating an electric car sub-brand.

BHP UK remap Rolling road T5

Last week I received an invite to attend a remap on my friends VW Transporter Type 5 at BHP UK HQ located in the Time technology park in Burnley, previously the T5 had been tuned at Cumbria VAG held in June at the Westmorland Show Ground, however the bus needed a few tweaks.

Tesla trucks and vans

Tesla has just unveiled its blueprint 'Masterplan Part Deux' for electric vehicles progression and development for the future, the next phase is to expand its range into pickups, vans, trucks even hgv's and semi's its final goal a self driving fleet of vehicles.       

BMW blog

Welcome to the BMW blog, info, news and spyshots of the latest BMW models including EV cars and hybrids.

Aston Martin blog

The Aston Martin blog the best place to find information, news even spyshots on the latest Aston Martin models.

Alfa Romeo blog

Latest news and information from Alfa Romeo cars, lates models, ev's, and lots more

Audi blog

Audi blog 

The latest Audi blog information from Autoblog HQ, including news, spyshots and lots more.

Telematic Box Insurance - Is it worth it ?

Corsa Telematic insurance box

It is becoming increasingly harder for new young drivers to get on the road, even the smallest 1.0-liter city car costing around one thousand pounds and the average Vauxhall Corsa or Ford Fiesta costing in excess of one thousand pounds to insure. This means that as a young driver it is becoming more and more out of reach to get on the road as a new driver.

VW Green Car Leaders by 2025


The EV makes headlines again - this time with VW planning to release 30 electric vehicle models, not hybrids, all electric.

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