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Want to experience the best driving roads in the UK and the rest of Europe, well Planet Auto has teamed up with Slap Adventures to get you a £95 off the price of a tour with the Slap Adventures discount code PA95, exclusive to Planet Auto, this applies to either the Viva La France or the Tyrol and Dolomites tour, or both. There highly anticipated Highland fling which takes drivers into the farflung reaches of Scotland has already sold out.


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Paul Dolden Details car detailing tips

Ever wondered how show cars get the shine and achieve flawless paintwork? Or how some wheels look like they should be in a showroom rather than on a daily whip or even the best way to clean and wax your car? These are detailing questions we ask ourselves day in day out - Well we caught up with Paul Dolden Details to ask him some questions on the best detailing tips, and keeping your cars the way they should look.

You can check out Paul Dolden Details to give you the latest car detailing tips, there's also a little about how Paul got into the business.


Gran Carismo instagram

Gran Carismo

Welcome to the home of Gran Carismo part of the Planet Auto network, you most likely found us through our awesome Gran Carismo instagram page - The exotic elegantly spliced with luxury -

If you would like to sponsor GC or would like us to deliver your content through our  social media streams and web network, please DM us on instagram for more information.


UK Car shows 2016

It's been an awesome years for car shows in the UK and all over the world for that matter, however it's coming upto November and show cars are slowly starting to hibernate, a couple of the seasons last shows are coming up this weekend The Classic Car show at the NEC and Ultimate Stance in Telford.

It makes you wonder what next years trends will be we've sticker bombing, rat, stretched tyres and obscene camber, next year who knows no doubt a few cars will set the trend for 2017 show cars.

Ultimate Stance Car Show 2017

This is the highlight event for stanced cars in the U.K., with over 250 show cars from all over Europe under one roof.

There is lots going on this coming Sun 29th October 2017, as Ultimate Stance opens its doors at The Telford International Centre.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 gunning for GoPro

Looks like someone is coming to knock GoPro from the 4K live video podium, they have been infamous in latter years with cars,

Fiat 124 Spider September 2016

The latest car from Italy the Fiat 124 Spider is nearly on our shores. A new two-seater roadster joint venture with Mazda starting at £19,545, interestingly priced at around £1,100 more than the MX-5 counterpart.

EV race heating up with Mercedes

It looks like the electric car race is heating up - again - with a new contender. Mercedes this time, who are creating an electric car sub-brand.

BHP UK remap Rolling road T5

Last week I received an invite to attend a remap on my friends VW Transporter Type 5 at BHP UK HQ located in the Time technology park in Burnley, previously the T5 had been tuned at Cumbria VAG held in June at the Westmorland Show Ground, however the bus needed a few tweaks.

Tesla trucks and vans

Tesla has just unveiled its blueprint 'Masterplan Part Deux' for electric vehicles progression and development for the future, the next phase is to expand its range into pickups, vans, trucks even hgv's and semi's its final goal a self driving fleet of vehicles.       

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